Organizational leadership by the marketing mix: Place (part 2 of 4)

In my previous post, I described Notre Dame College’s transformation in enrollment and revenue growth through an application of the marketing mix on organizational leadership. I previously covered the importance of the first P of the marketing mix, product, in higher education: offering new curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs to attract and retain more students.

Place, the second P of the marketing mix, is related to program since colleges and universities offer more programs in online and remote formats. Notre Dame adapted to its environment in part by expanding into online programs, beginning with an RN to BSN program and later expanding to other programs. Notre Dame had no online students in 2005 and 911 online students by 2011. That is rapid growth by offering educational programs through a new distributional strategy.

The concept of place includes satellite and regional campuses, university partnership programs, and transfer agreements that make a four-year degree more accessible on two-year campuses. Place can be a differentiator for colleges with extensive off-campus study or experiential learning programs. Colleges and universities also compete on place by adding amenities to their campuses such as state-of-the-art classrooms, updated and expanded fitness centers, apartment-style housing, and upscale dining options to name a few.

Marketing involves adapting an organization to its environment, and the place where higher education is available is rapidly expanding and changing. If you think like a marketer at your institution, ask yourself what places your students want to learn and live.

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